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The Roman School of Family Psychotherapy was founded in 1992 after the closure of the Family Therapy Institute in Rome that Maurizio Andolfi and Carmine Saccu founded in 1975 together with two other colleagues.
These were very important years in which the scientific and educational work of the I.T.F it is known both in Italy and abroad.
From the conclusion of this experience lasted 18 years, two distinct schools were born: the Roman School of Family Psychotherapy, directed by Carmine Saccu and the Academy of Family Psychotherapy, directed by Maurizio Andolfi.
The Roman School of Family Psychotherapy carries out activities of: training, clinic and research.
The School follows a systemic-relational-symbolic-experiential model that enhances the individual in his interpersonal systems of reference.
In training, the lines of systemic and dynamic epistemology converge in a theoretical and clinical space that explores the therapist's person and the evolutionary relationship with the family.
It is a constructionist approach that borrows from the second-order cybernetics the idea of the therapist included in the system, from the psychoanalytic model the conception of the use of the therapist's "self" as the main clinical resource and which considers the family a conceptual apex for observation and intervention.

The Roman School therefore proposes an approach:

  • Systemic, insofar as it refers to Systems Theory;
  • Relational, because it identifies relationships as the basic unit of human relationships;
  • Symbolic, as it includes the dimension of the unconscious in the understanding of human summit;
  • Experiential, affairs learning from experience, and the ability to learn to learn.


carmine saccuProf. CARMINE SACCU

Carmine Saccu Child Neuropsychiatrist is Director of the Roman School of Family Psychotherapy. Former Associate Professor of Child Neuropsychiatry at the University of Rome "LA SAPIENZA", he has carried out many years of clinical activity as head of the Family Therapy Service.
Since 1975 he has been teaching in the training and supervision of family therapists.
With games playing and humor, he developed a particular way of working in therapy with children, exceptionally skilled in activating the resources of the therapist's imagination.
In the elaboration of these areas of resonances, prof. Saccu helps therapists to discover creative potential and new spaces for relationships.
As a major in Child Neuropsychiatry he is particularly competent in working with children, adolescents and their families in situations of separation and supervisor problems related to disorders of antisocial behaviors, autisms, child psychosis, hyperkinetic children, children with school problems (from learning disorders ADHD syndromes)

He is a founding member of:

  • ITF Institute of Family Therapy since 1975;
  • SITF Italian Society of Family Therapy since 1976;
  • SIPPR Italian Society of Psychology and Relational Psychotherapy since 1984;
  • SRPF Roman School of Family Psychotherapy since 1992;
  • EFTA European Family Therapy Association since 1990;
  • IsMeS Institute for Systemic Mediation Onlus since 1999.
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